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Monday, June 28

Hey Mr Deejay... IM TIRED LA...

Dear Mr Deejay...

You know i love you right? so please...please stay... stop going back to the old house. no point la my dear. nobody lives there anymore. well, only alien, mini, silly stokin and black. you dont follow them la. they dont feed you...I do. TIRED LA...

Everyday i have to go to the old house to feed u guys. u
were always so manja as always and ask me to rub u. and as usual i will grab you, put u in the car and drive back. after few hours u make some noise and went back to the old place. TIRED LA...

I guess you just enjoy getting a ride in the car, dont you? I know u do.. but Im TIRED LA... huhuhu


  1. hahahah...mr deejay sajek je tu nak bermanja2 :D

  2. ngan sape lg deejay nak bermanja? xkam ngan mami kot?

  3. mr deejay yang comel.
    baik jerk duk lam kete.

  4. Mr deejay mmg baik je dalam kete. tapi sound sistem pecah... hehehe

  5. i heard that b4. fel yang amat.cam suare kak marilyn bila nyanyi


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